Dividing gold into parts

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You have hired a worker to clean your garage. The wage is a gold bar (which has 7 parts like a chocolate bar) for a weeks work. However, you don’t want to give the complete bar in the start. You want to pay the person 1 part for each day of his work. So at the end of first day he should have 1 part, at the end of second day 1 part more (a total of 2 parts), third day 1 part more (3 parts total)…at the end of the week all 7 parts. What is the minimum number of pieces that you should break the gold bar in to pay the worker?

Update: As pointed by Ramdas, this question is not very well framed. There are a few assumptions that you need to make. :)


  1. one two ka four..........
    gold bar needs to be broken into three parts of size 1,2 and 4.one first day givee him gold bar of size 1.on second day take back gold bar of size 1 and give him gold bar of size 2.third day give him gold bar of size 1.fourth day take back bar of size 1 and 2 and give bar of size 4 and so on.


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