Placements and Puzzles!!!

Some real stud people told me that my blog helped them a lot in their interviews at IITB Campus placements. I am really happy about that. I must admit that my blog helped me too :P. In Morgan Stanley QM interview, about half the questions that were asked to me were from my blog. (Although I never pretended that I am thinking and then solving. I always told them that I have seen this problem before. But still, it gives you an extra delta point). In Deutsche Bank GMC interview, more than half of the questions were from the blog. I would really recommend all puzzle enthusiasts and also people who would be preparing for placements 2010-2011 to solve the book (Mathematical Puzzles: A Connoisseur's Collection) by Peter Winkler. Thanx for all your reviews on the blog. I am especially happy as I got responses from many friends after they were placed that my blog helped them. :)

Thanx junta!

Best of Luck!


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