21 Problems in 21 Days left for Placements

For 21 days left for IIT placements, Siddhant Agarwal (EE IITB 2011 Alumnus, CMI Grad student) and Vivek Jha (EE IITB 2011 Alumnus, Credit Suisse Analyst) have selected 21 problems out of ~200 problems on the blog, so that people can prepare for the placements in the last minute. Help yourself! Cheers! Best of Luck!

Locks and Switches
The Best Horse
Duplicate Integer
Stick Broken Into Three Pieces
Finding a hermit
Prime Number Strategy Game
Hats and Rooms
Need for Needles
Checkers Problem
King's Poisonous Wine II
Smallest Number in Decreasing Sequence
Increasing Sequence in Dice
Random point in a circle
Another Coin Problem
Painting Colored Balls
Another Hat Problem
Arrange in a Sequence
Russian Coins
Top Card
Ants on a Cube
Coin Balancing


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