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5 Books for Quantitative Analyst Beginners

Paul Wilmott introduces Quantitative Finance Options, Futures and Other Derivatives by J.C. Hull Concepts and Practice of Mathematical Finance by Mark Joshi Frequently Asked Questions in Quantitative Finance by Paul Wilmott Heard on the Street - Quantitative Questions from Wall Street Job Interviews

Nine Digit Number - Math Puzzle

Source: Sent to me by Sudeep Kamath via Problem:  Find a nine digit number abcdefghi that uses all the digits 1,2,3,...9 exactly once and satisfies: a is divisible by 1 ab (2 digit number with digits a and b) is divisible by 2 abc (3 digit number with digits a, b and c) is divisible by 3 ....... ....... abcdefghi is divisible by 9. Update (29/06/2013): Solution: Posted by JDGM, Anti, Meghana Kolan, Shwetabh Sameer and Unknown in comments! A more detailed solution provided by me in comments!