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(2n choose n) is never a perfect power

Source: Cute problem sent by Sudeep Kanath Problem: Prove that (2n choose n) is never a perfect power Update ( 21 June 2014 ): Solution:  Posted by Sandeep, Dinesh Krithivasan and Vishal Khatri in comments.

Coin Problem - Wolfram Mathematica Puzzle

Source:  The super awesome puzzle blog by Gowtham Kumar  -  Puzzle Tweeter - Coin Problem  who got it from  Wolfram Mathematica Problem: Suppose you have an infinite stock of $a bills and $b bills such that g.c.d(a,b)=1. Find the largest amount of money (integer) that cannot be represented using $a and $b denominations. Shameless plug: If you have not done it already, please like / +1 / follow on:  Quora ,  Twitter ,  Facebook ,  G+ Update (21 June 2014): Solution: Posted by Raunak Kudesia, Sid Hollander and me (Pratik) in comments!