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I am Pratik Poddar, Analyst at Morgan Stanley Strategies and Modeling Division. I completed my B.Tech. from Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Bombay. I am interested in Mathematics and its applications.

One brief random paragraph about my hobbies (in no order) – math-puzzles, word games, mathematics (first love), computer science (second love), coding, poetry, dramatics (third love), debating, electronics, technical activities, watching movies and TV series (fourth love), rubix-cubes, sudoku, collecting coins, economics, cricket, volleyball, table tennis and adventure-sports. I came into this world as a noisy little baby troubling a few nurses and my parents in a small hospital in Patna,Bihar. I did my early education at Patna. Then I came to Jaipur where I appeared for secondary examination. Thereafter, I spent two years at Kota, preparing for IIT-JEE. After securing single digit ranks in IIT-JEE and AIEEE, I came to IIT Bombay. It was an awesome fun and learning experience at IIT. From now, it will be Morgan Stanley (Bombay rocks \m/)

You can find my CV/Resume here

Since last two years, I have been blogging regularly. I like collecting puzzles and discussing them. I maintain a math/cse/puzzle-blog (http://pratikpoddarcse.blogspot.com) which has grown and is now popular in many colleges and many technical companies now. I also maintain a personal blog (http://pratikpoddar.blogspot.com) which is mostly random blabbering.

My LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/pratikpoddar

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